Info for fire 8/21

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The best site I've found for information on the fires is she updates the site a few times a day. There are several community groups, Carmel Valley Locals on facebook as well as pay it forward seem to have some traction. I also highly recommend Next Door for your area.

There are several emergency shelters set up the main one for Carmel Valley Residents is at the Carmel Middle School and another is at Laguna Seca. You can sign up for alerts Here

The Community Foundation for Monterey County has created the Monterey County Fire Relief Fund to aid those affected by the River, Carmel, and Dolan Fires. Grants will go to nonprofits and organizations assisting individuals and families with emergency assistance, health and human services, short term housing/rental assistance, reimbursement of equipment and supplies and other support for affected residents. The fund is a trusted repository for philanthropic assets to be directed specifically for this purpose. 100% of donations will be used for grantmaking.

Smoke levels in the Monterey area and especially Carmel Valley are dangerously high, wear a mask when you are outside, hazardous levels of pollution can cause long term lung damage.


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