Food and grocery delivery services available in the Monterey Area.

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Fortunately there are several food delivery services which are available in the Monterey area. The most popular and with the largest delivery range is they deliver to almost all of Monterey County and you can order from several different markets and super markets. Unfortunately because of the crisis you have a several day wait time before delivery. Remember you can always post in our forum if you want to ask for help or, if you want to offer your services to those in need.

Another great option is a farm share. I personally use J.P. Organics they deliver fresh produce and eggs however they only deliver one day a week. So it's great for planning ahead and not needing to go to a crowded market to get fresh produce. If you are interested in a farm and can still drive to pick it up you can check this website for a list of other great opportunities

If you live in the metropolitan Monterey area I highly recommend you check out Green Pedal Couriers, they are environmentally conscious bike couriers who will work hard to meet your needs and deliver your groceries, you can call them here (831) 920-8181 or check out their website

And if you just want food delivered to you and both deliver


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